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Guys, Would You Like To Meet Some of

The Most Beautiful Asian Ladies ... On The Planet? 


Here you will fine some of the most beautiful and best educated women on the planet … and many of them are waiting to meet you.  So update your passport, clear your calendar, put your mail on hold and put your pet in the local kindle …. ‘cause we are going to ASIA.  


We have developed several nine (9) to eleven (11) day dating and matchmaking tours to Asia.  ALL of OUR tours have been designed for the purpose of providing maximum opportunities for our North American guests to meet and get to know some of those beautiful Asian Ladies who are just waiting to meet you.  


There you will be meet and be escorted by some of the most beautiful ladies (Ages: 21 to 50) in all of Asia.  All Aboard!


So again I ask,


Guys, Would You Like To Meet Some of

The Most Beautiful Asian Ladies ... On The Planet? 


Of course you would!  But, before you get your hopes up be advised, there are some basic requirements that you must meet.  These beautiful, we’ll educated Top-Notch ladies expect to meet some quality North American males and we are going to deliver.  See Application Requirements.  


We invite you to come join one (or more) of our scheduled Asian Ladies and North American Males Dating and Fun Tours. Get ready NOW! 


Because of the popularity of these tours we strongly suggest that you sign-up as early as possible for all desired tours. 


We conduct tours to the following Asian countries:


Korea * Thailand * Vietnam

(Others coming soon) 


LADIES OF ASIA / MEN OF NORTH AMERICA - If you are interested in participating in this program please join our email list (please put country of origin in Subject-line). Join our email list @ 


More to come ...